Very useful bookmarklet for Google search.

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"GoogleThis!" is an easy way to search Google without visiting Add the "GoogleThis!" link to your browser's toolbar. Clicking "GoogleThis!" creates a window to show the search results for any text you have highlighted on that page.
Besides, I prepared many bookmarklets for Amazon and Wikipedia and etc..
I referred to "GmailThis!".
(NP=Non-popup bookmarklet)
GoogleThis! etc. comments
GoogleThis!(NP) For Google search.
MashThis!(NP) For SearchMash search(Google's test page).
AmazonThis!(NP) For Amazon search.
WikipediaThis!(NP) For Wikipedia search.
YahooThis!(NP) For Yahoo search.
MapThis!(NP) For location search with GoogleMaps.
ImageThis!(NP) For Google Image search.
TubeThis!(NP) For You Tube search.
VideoThis!(NP) For Google Video search.
NewsThis!(NP) For Google News search.
TrendsThis!(NP) For Google Trends.
GmailSearch!(NP) For Gmail search.
ToGmail!(NP) The highlighted address, page title,
and the url will be inserted to send gmail.
In "AmazonThis!", the associate link is used.